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JUDr. Miloš Klenovič
0903/417 718

JUDr. PhDr. Marek Tóth
0908/421 364

Our company ProRebus, s.r.o. was created by combining several years of experience and knowledge in the field of management of both the private and public spheres, dispute resolution and consultancy services in commercial, civil, family and employment relations, with youth and new trends that we continue to adapt and operational.

The core business of our company is:
  • Dispute resolution - mediation activities (extra-judicial resolution of disputes arising out of commercial law, civil law, labor law, and family relations, under the Act on Mediation č.420/2004 Coll)
  • Debt Recovery
  • out-of-school educational activities (trainings, courses, consultations on management and support in creating documents, internal regulations of towns and villages, basic documents and internal regulations for entrepreneurs, alternative solutions of internal disputes, the functioning of local government, preparation and conduct of meetings and public meetings, training of legislation on local self-government, government and business)
  • Business, organizational and economic consultants
  • Administrative services (eg.: proofreading administrative documents, labor laws, contracts and administrative submissions, office and secretarial services, etc.)
  • Marketing and advertising services
  • Real estate activities
The main principles that we follow in our activity are:
  • Seriousness from first contact,
  • orientation to meet the exact requirements,
  • high flexibility and readiness to find the optimal way of providing services,
  • professionalism focused on personal responsibility for the level of service provided.
ProRebus, s.r.o. - Výhradný distribútor prírodných produktov ESSIAC